夫人. 香农Rattray(校长)

夫人. 香农Rattray(校长)
After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a BA 在心理学中, 我继续在布法罗的德尤维尔学院学习, 我在那里获得的教育证书. 在过去的20年里, 我教过小学生和中学生, 获得了我的特殊教育专家, and participated in 写作 English curriculum for the Ministry of Education. 作为一个教育家, I am thrilled to be able to witness and experience our children’s love of learning every day. 学校是学习的机构, but successful schools set high expectations for their faculty members and their students. Identifying and realizing that there are various methods of learning is the key to every child’s success, and a well structured school will continually assess and address the needs of their students and their families. 作为校长,我的工作是创造一个有凝聚力的学习环境,重点是提高学生的学习,让我们的学生在老师和家人的帮助和支持下设定和实现目标. 这将是我在卡那塔学院担任校长的八年, and I am very excited about getting to know all of our new families and having another successful school year. 我有四个孩子都在卡那塔学院上学, and I am very fortunate to have my children at work with me each day. When we are not at school, we enjoy playing outdoors and traveling together as a family.


Tracey Cochrane(六年级)
My name is Tracey Cochrane and this year will mark my 22nd year of 教学 at Kanata学院. This school and its staff and students have been my home away from home, and I am thankful to have been and continue to be a part of its incredible history. 我在新斯科舍省布鲁克林的一个小村庄长大. 我曾就读于阿卡迪亚大学(Acadia University),后来又在我家附近社区的许多小型小学教书. I had excellent mentors whose “old school” methods have shaped how I teach today. 我希望并期待我的学生做到最好, and enjoy the challenge of showing them what they can accomplish with hard work and determination. I teach my students how to be respectful, organized, independent, responsible and kind. Leadership, positive attitude, manners and empathy are a part of our everyday. 我相信,帮助我的学生成长为社会中受人尊敬的成员,并认可他人的优点,是我工作的重要组成部分. 在COVID - 19肆虐的一年里, 我还将与我的学生们一起,积极主动地就他们可以控制的事情做出选择,并培养弹性——把COVID视为一个临时季节, filled with lessons that will help them deal with challenging situations in the future.

Ms. Tracey Cochrane(副校长兼六年级教师)

夫人. Brenda Prud'Homme(幼稚园教师)
I have been a proud member of the Kanata学院 staff since 2008. My journey to 教学 began with a Bachelor of Social Work with honours from Carleton University. In 2006, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Education at the University of Wollongong in NSW, 澳大利亚. Living abroad for a year was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. 当我到家时, I was fortunate enough to receive a full time job 教学 here at Kanata学院. I have taught pre-school as well as junior and senior kindergarten. Teaching kindergarten is a strong passion of mine, something that I have wanted to do my whole life. 我觉得每天都能实现我的梦想体现在我的教学风格和对每一个学生的奉献上. 在校外,我打竞技垒球和曲棍球. I enjoy scrap booking and 呆在户外 doing both summer and winter activities such as swimming and skiing.

Heather McShane(五年级老师)

Heather McShane(五年级老师)
I am very happy to be 教学 grade 5 again this year at Kanata学院. 我从2013年开始在这所学校教书, 我爱这里的员工, 家长和学生. I have a passion for 教学 and I love working with children. In 2007, I graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Bishops University with a degree in Elementary Education. 自从回到渥太华, 我是一名行为治疗师, 在两所私立学校任教, 还辅导了几个小学生. My greatest reward comes from helping my students to learn and succeed on their own. I love to see each of the students work to his or her potential and build self-confidence. 当我不教书的时候, 我爱阅读, 烹饪, 呆在户外, 陪着我的丈夫和两个女儿.


I am excited to start another year here at Kanata学院 as the grade 3/4 teacher. 毕业于渥太华大学, I received a Graduate Diploma of Education in 澳大利亚 in 2011. After completing my degree, I combined my two passions of 教学 and travel. I spent time 教学 in four different countries and exploring forty more. These opportunities and experiences have helped shape my 教学 and personal philosophies. I believe it is important to create an inclusive learning community based on an excitement for learning, 同情别人, and the ability to think creatively in our ever-changing society. 现在我回到了渥太华, I enjoy working at Kanata学院 because of the emphasis on not only academics, 还有善良和社区. 当我不在教室的时候, I love to play a variety of sports and enjoy spending time with my dog, 库珀.


能在卡那塔学院工作,我激动得说不出话来! My journey at KA started in December 2016 as a Preschool Teacher, 演变为幼儿园督导,现在是JK & SK Core法语教师. 幼儿园老师! . 我是一个骄傲的母亲,我有两个出色的孩子,是他们引导我热爱教育孩子. 我是孩子们学校的一名积极分子, through volunteering and PTA and I can often be seen shuttling my children to their sports and social outings. 我认为应该提倡孩子学习的权利, 被接受, and make sure that their education and care is at the utmost highest level. 我期待把我的心和思想带入JK的课堂,在那里我发誓要永远像对待自己的孩子一样对待你的孩子, 为他们提供高质量的护理, 教学和尊重. “I hope to be the kind of teacher I would want for my own children. I hope to be the kind of colleague with whom I would like to collaborate. 我希望成为五岁时的那种学习者.”

夫人. Stacey Edgerton(办公室管理员)

夫人. Stacey Edgerton(办公室管理员)
I joined Kanata学院 in September 2013 as Office Administrator after being a stay 在家里 mom to Joshua and Naomi. During that time, my husband Greg and I had the pleasure of living in 澳大利亚 for 3 years. Since 2013 I have had the privilege of being the face of Kanata学院. I’ve gotten to know the students and their families and have been able to support our amazing staff. 我期待着新的一年!


Emily is a classical guitarist, teacher, and luthier currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. 她和父亲一起学吉他, 麦克·肖大学毕业, 然后她搬到了伦敦, Ontario to study with Wilma van Berkel at the University of Western Ontario. Emily于2016年在渥太华大学Patrick Roux的指导下完成了吉他演奏硕士学位(MMus). Emily花了很多时间在她的家庭工作室里和学生们一起工作,在那里她教授古典吉他和原声吉他, 和钢琴. 作为一个琴师, Emily has built a variety of guitar-type instruments including classical guitars, 把钢弦木吉他, 期仪器, 和尤克里里琴. 在性能, Emily strives to engage her audience with expressive interpretations of music from across the centuries. She has a weakness for emotionally charged, lush harmonies and amusing character pieces. 当不练习, 教学, 或建筑物吉他, 艾米丽喜欢骑自行车, 航行, 烹饪, 和园艺.


I am so pleased to be entering my third year at Kanata学院 as the grade 2 and primary music teacher! After obtaining my Bachelor of Music at Acadia University in 2005, I moved to Ontario to complete my Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University in 2006. Immediately after completing my Bachelor of Education, I began a 教学 job in Brockville, Ontario. In 2007, I moved to Ottawa to begin my job at a local school as the music teacher where I taught for close to eleven years. 自从我2006年开始我的教学生涯, 我完成了我的荣誉专业音乐教育, as well as other additional qualifications through Queen’s University. I also have maintained my teacher status with the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano. I love being creative in the classroom, allowing students to learn through exploring and creating. 我为能被录取而自豪, comfortable classroom where students can reach their full potential through positive reinforcement, 鼓励, 有趣的, 和努力工作.

Ashley Wilts- 7/8年级

Cecelia Britz- 9-12年级老师
我在约翰内斯堡大学学习数学和应用数学,并于2017年在约翰内斯堡大学获得数学硕士学位. 我已经教了八年书了, 首先作为助教, 后来在大学里担任数学讲师, 现在在卡那塔学院当高中老师. 我最喜欢教的科目是数学, and I could go on for hours about the beauty of math if my students would let me. 我试图在教室里创造一个开放的环境,让学生们可以安全地提问和表达他们的观点, and I try to impress upon my students that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success.

Dr. 道格拉斯·拉夫

Dr. 道格拉斯·拉夫Ph值.D- 9-12年级教师
我在约翰内斯堡大学获得了物理化学学士学位,并于2016年获得了物理博士学位. 我在大学里讲授了2年的各种本科和研究生物理课程,在这段时间里我发现了我对教学的热爱. 我多年的助教工作(2007-2015)打下了坚实的基础,使我能够以多种方式向学生解释工作. This is important as it ensures that they understand the concepts involved, which enables the students to achieve what they are truly capable of. 2019年4月,我开始在卡那塔学院(KA)工作,很快就受到了KA同事们的热情支持,立刻就有了家的感觉. 我努力让我的学生发挥出最好的一面,因为这是我对自己的期望,我只能希望我的学生从我身上学到的东西,就像我从他们身上学到的一样多. 当我不在KA教书时,我也在道场, 在厨房或坐在沙发上读一本好书.

萨拉拉瓦- SK

萨拉拉瓦- SK
I am very excited to be 教学 SK at Kanata学院 this year. 我上的是圭尔夫大学,毕业时得了B.A.Sc. (荣誉)儿童心理学和社会学专业. During my 5 years at Guelph I met and married my husband Derek. 我们在结婚之初就决定要孩子,而我要从学业中抽出时间在家养孩子. 2008年,我回到学校攻读教育学硕士. After graduation, I spent 9 years 教学 at Braemar House School in Brantford (Grades 2, 5, & 7). 在这段时间, 我完成了中级数学, and Special Education qualifications as well as earning P/J/I standing. I believe that the choice for private education offers students, 父母, and teachers an opportunity to reach for higher personal and educational gains in a supportive environment. Having recently moved to the Valley I feel blessed to have found another home away from home. The time I have spent supplying at KA has me thrilled to be a part of this enthusiastic, 承诺的教学团队, 期待与您和您的孩子成为伙伴!


I worked at Kanata学院 for seven years as a grade 7/8 teacher, before moving to an international high school outside of the city for the last two years. I am happy to be back at KA this September 教学 as part of the high school program, 专攻数学, 历史, 计算机科学, 和物理. Ed. 在获得文学学士学位(历史专业)后, 数学辅修)2010年, I obtained my Bachelor of Education in 2011 specializing in secondary education, 都来自渥太华大学. 自毕业, I have obtained additional qualifications in junior education and 教学 English language learners. 在业余时间, 我喜欢做各种各样的运动, 修理电脑和其他设备, 和木工. 我很高兴能在今年九月见到我们的高中生,并尽我所能帮助他们成长和成功.


I am thrilled to be entering my first year at Kanata学院 as the Senior 幼儿园 teacher. 我出生在魁北克,但在渥太华度过了一生, 我在哪里上的渥太华大学. I obtained a degree in General Arts with a Minor in Communication & 在心理学中. I then went on to take my Bachelor of Education in the 初级/中间 Division. 从那时起, 我已经完成了初级Abq, 特殊教育(一), Teaching English Language Learners part 1 and Religious Education in Catholic Schools Part 1. 我热爱户外和大自然. 我喜欢徒步旅行,旅行和保持活跃. 我也喜欢动物! 我迫不及待地想和学生们分享我的兴趣,我也期待着了解他们的兴趣和热情.

Mr. 干草

Mr. 干草(4-8年级音乐老师)
我很高兴能加入卡那塔学院的工作人员,与我的学生们分享我对音乐和创作过程的热爱. After completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Ottawa in 2010, 我在2011年获得了教育学学士学位. 大约在这个时候,我成立了火花音乐学院, 专注于音乐课的工作室, 绩效辅导, 和记录. 在过去十年中, 工作室让我有机会帮助不同年龄和能力的学生实现他们的目标,发现玩游戏的乐趣, 写作, 和执行. I’m looking forward to creating an engaging and creative classroom environment, 哪里鼓励学生努力学习, 发展新技能, 通过音乐来表达自己.


Ms. Taborek(5-9年级法语老师)
I am thrilled to be returning to Kanata学院 as the 法国 teacher for grades 5-9. I completed my studies at the University of Ottawa in the 法国 immersion program, and have completed two cultural exchanges to 法国 to learn the 法国 language and culture. 2016年,我在马赛待了3个月, 在2018-2019年,我在里昂学习了整整一年, 法国. 教法语之外, 我的爱好是瑜伽, 徒步旅行, 在厨房里创造实验食谱. 我也非常热衷于行动主义,总是提醒我的学生,如果他们愿意,他们有能力改变世界. Outside of school you will find me at the farmer’s market or roller skating with friends.


Tamara Haider女士(jk - 4年级法语老师)
我很高兴能在卡那塔学院开始我的第一年,作为初级幼儿园到四年级的核心法语老师! I graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2020 in Elementary Education, 今年夏天我在渥太华大学完成了教育硕士学位. 我在很多科目上都做过志愿者和辅导, 所以我很高兴能在卡那塔学院开始新的旅程! 我的最终目标是确保我的学生通过一个包容和有趣的环境有一个特别的学习经验,我希望在这次旅程中做到这一点. I am looking forward to working with the staff of the school and to meeting the students!


点燃我的学生心中好奇的火焰将是我最大的乐趣之一,因为我开始了我的冒险在卡那塔学院1 / 2年级的老师. 作为这个优秀教育团队的新成员, 我等不及要分享我的能量了, 创造力, 以及对员工和学生的乐观态度. 我在私立学校开始了我的教学生涯,在伯灵顿基督教学院(Burlington Christian Academy)担任天才项目(Gifted Program)的课程设计师。在过去的12年里,我有幸在私立和公立学校系统工作. 有各种各样的学习者,保持每个学生对学习的热情和参与是我今年计划的一个重要部分. 我相信每个孩子都是独一无二的,都应该得到培养, 鼓舞人心的, 以及良好的学习和成长环境. 作为一个教育家, 我一直鼓励我的学生在学习中勇于冒险,培养积极的性格特点,这样他们在学校里就可以成为好公民, 在家里, 在他们的社区里. 我是三个红头发孩子的母亲,他们都在规划自己的道路,寻找让世界变得更美好的方法. My passion for reading, baking, and travelling shows in my efforts to always try something new. 我和我丈夫迈克尔刚刚搬到渥太华地区, and we are very excited to explore our new city and enjoy many outdoor activities with our Golden Doodle, 林肯.


I am excited for another year as the Grade 7/8 Math and Science teacher. 自2017年以来,我一直在Kanata学院工作. Prior to that I taught in Bishops Stortford, England and supplied in the Ottawa area. I graduated with a BSc in Biology from UPEI and went on to obtain my BEd form the University of New Brunswick. I furthered my education and have AQs in 特殊教育(一) and 主 Division. 我发现在我的职业生涯中最有价值的是我与学生建立的关系,并且能够看着他们在学习重要的bt365亚洲版体育在线和生活技能的过程中成长. 当我不教书的时候,我喜欢听播客, 钩针编织,当然还有和我的fiancé共度时光, 女儿和狗.


I’m excited to be returning to Kanata学院 for the 2021-2022 school year! In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Sports Administration from Laurentian University. 我在布法罗的卡尼西斯学院继续我的学业, NY, 我是在哪里获得教育硕士学位的, 专攻体育. After graduating in 2018, I travelled to 澳大利亚 to teach for a year. When I returned to Canada, I moved to Ottawa to continue my career with OCDSB as a secondary teacher. 当我不在教室的时候, I love 呆在户外 and staying active. 我期待着在KA的又一个非凡的一年!